Exacting Standards Keep a Small Equity Firm in the Deals Race

Mergers & Acquisitions reports on how Boca Raton, Florida-based private equity firm, Brockway Moran & Partners, dodges the difficulties of acquiring credits in a market where pitiless lenders do not seem to budge. Brockway advises that to keep returns going, one must buy into the growth of a company.” Brockway has carefully spaced 200 million dollars into 16 acquisitions; Gold’s Gym, Norwesco Inc., Integrated Aerospace, and Celeste Industries Corp. just to name a few. To conclude, the company stresses the value of investing in companies with a substantial management team in place.

“To keep returns going, you really have to make a significant difference with the company,” Brockway says. “You need to buy into the growth of the company. So, with every company we’ve gotten into one way or another, there’s a dramatic growth story there. Sometimes it’s the product, sometimes it’s the distribution, sometimes it’s the plants, sometimes it’s the fill-in acquisitions. But there is something that is going to drive that company to get growth well in excess of the economy.”

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