Sticking to What They Know

South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel reports on why Boca Raton buyout specialists and co-founders of Brockway Moran & Partners tend to invest in companies with a common theme: small in size but always growing in their respective markets. The private equity firm believes in its ability to leverage investments with some extra capital and roll-up acquisitions. Brockway Moran’s strategy of investing in blue-collar industries and steering clear of high technology has been a successful approach.

The co-founders of Brockway Moran & Partners, have busily invested about $100 million in an assortment of privately owned, straight-up companies, happily eschewing high technology IPOs… “These aren’t sexy products or markets,” Brockway, 44, said. “But it’s what we know.”

“The thing we like about these guys is that they are so careful and so thorough. They are not just going to put the money out there,” said Marc Sacks, a partner in Adams Street Partners in Chicago, which has invested in Brockway Moran. “They buy good companies at reasonable prices and are not going to get caught up in the froth.”

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