A 30-Year History in Private Company Investments

Brockway Group, the family office of Peter Brockway, makes investments in private securities. The family office draws on Mr. Brockway’s over 30-year career in the private equity industry. Together with long-time colleagues Peter Klein and Jay Anderson, who have worked together for virtually this entire history, the team brings extensive experience and complementary skillsets to the table.

Mr. Brockway currently serves as Executive in Residence at Wake Forest University. Previously, Mr. Brockway and a number of colleagues founded Brockway Moran & Partners in 1998, a private equity firm that has raised three private equity funds totaling over $1.3 billion in capital and has completed approximately 100 acquisitions in a variety of industries, including Consumer, Healthcare, Industrial, Aerospace and Education. Brockway Moran built, in concert with a number of talented management teams, a variety of industry leading firms over its two-decade-long history.

Mr. Brockway also served for five years as a Senior Advisor to Blue Sea Capital, beginning with its founding in 2013, a firm whose inaugural fund raised $325 million in committed capital. Earlier in his career, Mr. Brockway was a senior executive for more than a decade with Trivest, the oldest private equity firm in the southeastern United States.

Mr. Klein is a corporate and transactional attorney with over 30 years of corporate and middle-market mergers and acquisition experience. His experience ranges from add-on acquisitions to complex acquisitions and dispositions of both privately held and public companies. Mr. Anderson is a CPA, with more than 30 years of experience in the private equity industry and over 35 years of accounting experience including six years with KPMG.

Brockway Group, as a family office, typically makes investments with individuals with whom Mr. Brockway, Mr. Klein and Mr. Anderson have had a long-standing relationship. The companies are most often middle-market firms that are pursuing a growth strategy and have a distinct market proposition. Investments are made either directly, or alternatively indirectly through a fund vehicle


“It has been our honor and privilege to work alongside so many talented business founders, CEO’s and colleagues over the past three decades. At Brockway Group, we are excited to partner with these meaningful relationships to capitalize on new opportunities and selectively invest alongside new relationships that align with our industry expertise.”

— Peter C. Brockway