5 Questions with Peter Brockway of Brockway Moran & Partners

Buyouts interviews Peter Brockway of Brockway Moran, & Partners to get the low-down on what’s driving deals during this market craze, where these deals can be found and how to take the right approach when facing an exit opportunity. Brockway predicts a significant amount of capital raised will be this year and that running into overhang in the process is inevitable. He and his partners believe in the philosophy that getting deals done in any market, even ones where proprietary platforms are sparse, is best facilitated by paying a fair price while avoiding overspending.

“For us, it’s not the market driving things; it’s the opportunities we’re seeing. We believe if you see good deals you close them, regardless of overall market activity. Conversely, if we don’t see good deals, we don’t force it.”

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