Breaking Away

As the 2014 fiscal year wraps up, Mergers & Acquisitions reports on new private equity firms. Younger PE partners are starting to launch their own middle-market funds that are smaller and more focused. Blue Sea Capital, a new midsize fund where Peter Brockway serves as Senior Advisor and is led by former Brockway Moran Partners, James Davis and Richard Wandoff, have chosen three verticals to invest in; aerospace and defense, healthcare, and industrial growth. The firm plans on investing in companies where they can create a different asset from the one they originally bought. Investors of the firm are typically endowments, family offices, and pension funds. The firm currently has two investments under its belt including DDS Lab and Sunvair Aerospace Group.

“A number of our founders worked together at Brockway Moran for many years,” says Peter Brockway, who has taken a Senior Advisor role with Blue Sea. “The working relationships go back over 15 years, and we have a common vision about creating value and have chosen to focus on three verticals – aerospace and defense, healthcare, and industrial growth opportunities.”

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