Brockway Sees 8x Return on Crisis Prevention Exit to FLL

Buyouts reports that the Florida based private equity firm Brockway Moran & Partners has completed the sale of Crisis Prevention Institute to FFL Partners. Brockway Moran will generate more than an eight-fold return on its investment. Managing Partner Peter Brockway explains how Crisis Prevention Institute grew organically. The article also highlights MD Now Urgent Care, which at the time of the article had 25 locations, up from 6 when Brockway Moran invested in the firm in 2012.


Brockway Moran & Partners expects to generate more than 8x return on its pending sale of Crisis Prevention Institute to FFL Partners, according to a source familiar with the firm. For Brockway Moran, the exit boosts the performance of its third private equity fund, which invested in Crisis Prevention Institute in 2011. The firm continues to actively manage and add value to its portfolio companies.

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