Private equity executive Peter Brockway on the industry’s evolution

South Florida private equity veteran Peter Brockway reflects on his 30-plus year career and sheds light on how his industry has changed over the years. Through it all, Brockway has stuck to a consistent strategy of surrounding himself with talented team members and focusing on small-to-medium sized deals in specialized industries. Now, as he plots the next chapter in his career, Brockway is headed to Wake Forest University this fall to teach the school’s first-ever undergraduate course in private equity management.

Peter Brockway, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Boca Raton-based Brockway Moran and Senior Advisor of Blue Sea Capital, is a private equity veteran. He came to the tri-county area after business school, back when the region was a frontier for private equity. And over his three decades-plus career in the industry, he’s watched as the market has become more competitive and crowded in its maturity.

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