Wake Forest Interview with Peter Brockway on iTunes

Peter Brockway was among the first professionals to be active in the private equity industry in the southeastern United States.  Mr. Brockway’s leadership has expanded beyond the finance industry, including serving on various boards at Wake Forest University over the past decade as well as teaching at Wake Forest’s School of Business. In this video interview, Mr. Brockway discusses his role teaching Private Equity to undergraduate students at Wake Forest, and his overall dedication to Wake Forest and its mission.

Mr. Brockway is Executive in Residence at Wake Forest University.  In 2017, Peter expanded his service to Wake Forest by creating and co-teaching an elective course for undergraduate Business majors focusing on Private Equity. The class included having numerous leaders in the Private Equity Industry come speak in person to the class, giving students a front row seat on a growing industry and a deep understanding of the field. Students were enthusiastic about the class being exceptionally relevant and making them more prepared to begin their careers and more marketable to leading employers.  In this interview, he shares his impressions on wide-ranging topics involving Wake Forest, ranging from Wake Forest’s overall mission to its delivery of education in the classroom.

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